The impressive, elegant interior design and the location of the restaurant can provide an excellent venue for various events, let it be a wedding, a family gathering or a business lunch. The restaurant is adapted to receive max 90-100 guests. The standard set-up suits a conventional restaurant setting, which can be revised by occasion of events and group dining.
Callas Café is exceedingly suited for events premise with few in numbers, but multifarious topics: gala dinner, executive/ partner work-lunch or dinner, wine dinner, press conference, press conversation, individual interview, exhibition, product display, fashion-show, business reception (employee, partner), class reunion, engagement, wedding reception, birthday, anniversary, mini conference, work-shop etc. Capacity and seating
1) Seated, plate-service dinner, setting with square tables max. 90-100 guests - main hall middle and back section.
2) Seated, plate-service dinner, setting with round tables max. 80 guests - main hall middle and back section..

Menu offers for groups
We change our complete menu twice per year: in April and October. This is the base of group offers also, according to season: spring-summer and autumn-winter menu offers. These general, seasonal offers contain 3 and 4 courses menu and drink offers with wine introduction:
1) for individual guests and smaller groups (10-15 guests)
2) for larger groups (20-100 guests).

We certainly compile a new offer with pleasure according to personal claims and requests. For further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Katalin Ruzsnyák, sales & event manager E-mail: